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Glass Care & Cleaning

  • Here is a list to help you take care of your glass sculptures. We have also included instructions on how to clean your glass sculpture while minimizing the chance of breakage.  If your glass sculpture does get broken please contact us by clicking here.
Glass Care
  • Please handle your glass piece with care at all times.
  • Always pickup or hold your glass piece by the base.
  • Place your item in a glass case or on a stable shelf.
  • Use white office putty on the bottom of the base for stability.
  • Follow all directions below while cleaning.
Glass Cleaning
  • Pick up all glass sculptures by the base.
  • Do not run a stream of water over the sculpture.
  • Do not soak the item in water.
  • Place the glass piece on a towel when cleaning.
  • Loosen the dust with a small soft brush if necessary.
  • Use a spray bottle with window cleaner or warm water.
  • Let the glass air dry!

Classic Glass
Beautiful handcrafted glass art sculptures.
glass rod
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glass rod
Click Here to see Glass Roses
Glass Roses
with Long Stems

9" x 3"
24kt. Gold or Platinum Trim

$25 to $35
Glass Hanging Item Sun Catchers
Glass Hanging Items and Sun Catchers
Glass Hanging Item Sun Catchers

100% Real Swarovski Crystals

$18 to $29
Glass Wedding Caketops
Glass Wedding Caketops
Glass Wedding Caketops.

Custom Order your design.
Choose from our selection.
$100 to $125
Glass Hummingbird Vines
Glass Hummingbird Vines
Glass Hummingbird Vines.

Check out the close up views on the Details page.

$18 to $20